Mommy-Daughter date with Nora

I have been trying to dedicate some individual time to each of my kids lately. Our lives are so busy and we are always on the go, usually all 5 of us together. But I think it is important that I try to carve out some individual time for each of them. A few weeks ago I took Emma for an afternoon to shop for a dress for Cotillion, and today was Nora’s turn.

We went to Color Me Mine and painted a plate for Thanksgiving. I saw the design on Pinterest a while ago, where you use a foot as the turkey body.

Nora’s foot worked perfectly and I think it turned out so cute. I can’t wait to see the finished product. Nora made a bowl and made a turkey with her hand print. She loved it. She had such a great time painting. She worked on her bowl for almost 2 hours! She talked the whole time;-)I think she loved being the center of attention. It was a fun afternoon for both of us!