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Hypnobirthing class

My birthday has been better since it ended!

Yesterday I went to lunch with Scott at Buca Di Bepo–YUM! I love that place. We had a birthday lunch one day late and it was nice.

I also had a midwife appointment and it went really well. The baby turned!! I just hope that he stays that way. The good news is that he can turn–there is nothing forcing him to stay posterior. I am still measuring 3 weeks ahead, so I measured 33 weeks. Marcia also said that he feels like a good sized baby, which is good. I am also slightly anemic, which is probably why I am so tired all of the time. I am going to start taking iron. I was happy with how the appointment went. I also got a flu shot, and ouch my arm hurts today.

Last night we went to the first real hypnobirthing class and it was great! I loved it. We did a short hypnosis exercise where we pictured ourselves in a kitchen. Then we pictured opening a refrigerator and getting out a lemon. We were supposed to cut it and eat it. It was so cool. I totally started salivating when I “ate” the lemon. I am excited that I got the CD and I can start practicing. I listened to it once last night, and then I listened to it again this morning. I really want to be good about practicing. I know this is going to make my birth great!

Today Jenn took me to lunch at PF Changs. It was so yummy. We ordered lettuce wraps, and chicken chow mien and orange peel shrimp. When they brought out the entrees, they said the chef made us a special honey chicken, on the house! It was good too. I have had lots of good food this week:-)

Tonight I am just staying home, and it is nice for a change! We haven’t been home at all this week. Scott is going to play pick up hockey, and then roller hockey, so he will be gone most of the night. Survior is on, and I can’t wait to watch!

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