Nora, Age 6 1/2

Now that Ian is 9…….

Ian turned 9 a few weeks ago. Here are a few random things about Ian now that he is nine.

• He is in third grade in Mrs. Dahlkamp’s class.
• He loves video games, especially Minecraft.
• He still loves karate. He is currently a Chan Ban Bu and 2 belts away from a black belt.
• Legos, Bakugans, and Pokemon cards are some if his favorite toys.
• He does well in school and scores above grade level for reading and math, but everyday tasks at school are a struggle for him.
• He is still sweet and likes to hug and snuggle his mama.

Nora joins the Black Belt Club

Nora has been a member of Bobby Lawrence Karate since she was 4. She loves it! She has been asking me to join the Black Belt Club for quite a while now. What it means is that she has made the commitment to stay in karate until she earns her black belt. She had to write a paper about why she wants to be a black belt. I wrote it out for her and then she copied it down. After that she had a meeting where she sat down with Mr. Klekas and went over all the belts she must earn on her way to black belt. For Nora, it will probably take around 2 1/2 years, depending on how hard she works. She was so excited she was just beaming. I’m proud of her and happy that she decided to make such a big commitment!

Ian’s 9th birthday celebration with GaminRide

Anyone who knows Ian knows how much he loves video games! What could be more perfect than a video game party? A big trailer pulled up outside of our house and parked. All the kids piled in and played video games. It was the perfect party for a bunch of third grade boys!

Nora’s Holiday Performance

“My favorite part about Christmas is when I get to look in my stocking.” –Nora age 6