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Nicknames: Nora
How old are you? 6
What is your favorite color? gold
What is your favorite animal? kity
What is your favorite book? Taylor Swift book
What is your favorite TV show? Winks
What is your favorite movie? Goonies
What is your favorite song? Treacherous, by Taylor Swift
What is your favorite food? macaroni and cheese
What is your favorite drink? Shirley Temple
What is your favorite breakfast food? oatmeal
What is your favorite snack? chocolate
What is your favorite outfit? pink, orange, white shirt and sweater
What is your favorite game? Just Dance
What is your favorite toy? Bun Bun
Who is your best friend? Brooke Roach
What is your favorite thing to do? Color Me Mine pottery
What is your favorite thing to do outside? play with G-Bop ball
What is your favorite holiday? Halloween
What do you like to take to bed with you at night? stuffed animal
Where is your favorite place to go? Maui
What is your favorite restaurant? Maxwell’s
Where do you want to go on vacation? Mount Rushmore
What do you want to be when you grow up? a farmer, a spy or a ninja
What did you do on your birthday? party at Color me Mine

>Nora has been a member of Bobby Lawrence Karate since she was 4. She loves it! She has been asking me to join the Black Belt Club for quite a while now. What it means is that she has made the commitment to stay in karate until she earns her black belt. She had to write a paper about why she wants to be a black belt. I wrote it out for her and then she copied it down. After that she had a meeting where she sat down with Mr. Klekas and went over all the belts she must earn on her way to black belt. For Nora, it will probably take around 2 1/2 years, depending on how hard she works. She was so excited she was just beaming. I’m proud of her and happy that she decided to make such a big commitment!

Ian turned 9 a few weeks ago. Here are a few random things about Ian now that he is nine.

• He is in third grade in Mrs. Dahlkamp’s class.
• He loves video games, especially Minecraft.
• He still loves karate. He is currently a Chan Ban Bu and 2 belts away from a black belt.
• Legos, Bakugans, and Pokemon cards are some if his favorite toys.
• He does well in school and scores above grade level for reading and math, but everyday tasks at school are a struggle for him.
• He is still sweet and likes to hug and snuggle his mama.

Anyone who knows Ian knows how much he loves video games! What could be more perfect than a video game party? A big trailer pulled up outside of our house and parked. All the kids piled in and played video games. It was the perfect party for a bunch of third grade boys!